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Gain actionable insights with the simplest AI-driven product analytics platform. Automatically collects, analyses product data, and eliminates complexities. Privacy-first by design.

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Meaningful metrics for your product.

Navigate and understand complex product metrics effortlessly, empowering informed decision-making with ease.

Explore the impactful metrics of your project at a glance or talk to Blick, our AI-powered product analytics assistant.

Frequently asked questions

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Does Metriken collect personal information?
Metriken is designed with utmost regard for privacy. We never track, collect, or store any personal data or identifiable information of our users.
What happens to the data collected by Metriken? Do I maintain control?
Absolutely, with Metriken, you are always in control of your data. We do not share, sell, or utilize your site data for studying personal or behavioral trends. Your data remains confidential and under your authority.
Do I need to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR when using Metriken?
Using Metriken significantly simplifies compliance with privacy regulations as it does not collect personal data. However, it is always advisable to consult with your legal advisor to ensure complete compliance.
Does Metriken ensure that my data is hosted within Europe?
Certainly, Metriken guarantees that all data processed and stored is hosted within Europe. We prioritize data sovereignty and comply with regional data regulations to ensure the highest level of privacy protection.
Is Metriken available outside of Europe?
Currently, Metriken is exclusively available within Europe. Our focus on data sovereignty and compliance with regional data regulations has led us to prioritize this region. However, we are continuously exploring opportunities to expand our availability to other regions in the future.
Is Metriken SOC compliant?
While we are not yet SOC compliant, we are actively working towards achieving SOC compliance. We recognize the importance of meeting industry standards for security and data protection, and we are fully dedicated to ensuring the highest level of compliance to safeguard your data.